Aloft Milwaukee Downtown

1230 N Old World 3rd St, Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA

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4.2 / 5

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Matthew Sable
August 07, 2022

I was there for a business trip for a week. As far as style it's a very trendy and contemporary place. The location isn't bad either. I have two major complaints. First, I reserved a handicap room with a seat in the shower. After my morning shower, the floor was flooded everyday. Enough not to be able to mop up with a towel. Occasionally it would seep under the bathroom wall and into the main room by the door. I went down to the front desk and spoke to whom I presume to be the manager. He told me that there isn't adequate pitch so it won't drain properly. I'm not hard to please since none of my property got wet but it does mean there will be long-term damage to their property as it leaks into their walls and carpet, which it did. This will inevitably lead to a nasty mold problem and water damage is really expensive. Actually, by the time I left, I think it smelled bad since the carpet by the door was routinely wet. Since they don't seem intent on fixing it, I think the public has the right to know before they reserve a room. Management was very polite about it and even bought me breakfast one morning but that doesn't change the fact that there's a structural problem they haven't addressed. Second, this is the first hotel I've ever been to where there wasn't a restaurant or continental breakfast. It's designed like a Starbucks "Grab and Go" but it's not my cup of tea. Would I stay again? It wasn't a nightmare but if I had a choice, absolutely not. Next time I'm just going to tell my employer to pick some place else.

Rik Blak
September 05, 2022

I loved the rooms and the staff was great. The mediocre score is for how noisy it was. You could hear everything happening outside from traffic to guests enjoying the courtyard late into the evening. I will say they do offer here plugs but I am not a fan of trying to sleep with something in my ears. For me it wasn't bad enough to say don't stay here it certainly was tolerable but I had other traveling companions who didn't feel the same way so please judge accordingly to your tolerance levels. I personally use a white noise machine that drowned it out well enough for me to get to sleep.

Javier A. Fernández
May 31, 2022

I decided to take Memorial Day weekend for my family and me to explore Milwaukee. While the arrival was very easy with digital check-in and the available staff, this was the easiest part of the trip. Day 1 - we had no garbage can in the room. There was a dark red stain near the bed. I assumed it was part of the design (it wasn't). Later that evening as we pulled the sheets back, we realized that the red stain was seeping through from the mattress to the sheets and it looked like someone either spilled or ejected something onto the mattress and floor. I mentioned it to the front desk and though they offered a different room if available-i decided to settle for the sheet change and clean up. (I SHOULD HAVE MOVED) Day 2-After a great day exploring District 3 and the riverwalk-we settled in for the evening and ordered food from one of the nearby restaurants. As we were in the room I noticed something n the sink basin. ANTS. There were several and as soon as I saw that I pulled our sheets back to discover a few on the mattress. I called the front desk and was told that there was no one to address the situation but they would note it on the log????!!! Luckily I was able to dispose of the few visible ones but sleep was out of the question. Checkout-No note from the previous night. When I informed the guest service person about the situation she stated "it makes sense, you are on a lower floor, so ants..." WHAT?? No manager contacted me. There was no reaction. The location is great. My recommendation...STAY ELSEWHERE.

Mike Schreiner
April 22, 2022

We stayed here for the Elton John concert. The hotel was actually fine but we had issues with the valet parking. While the car was parked here, someone tried to break into it and caused over $1,300 in damages. We did not discover it until the next evening after we left. I contacted Aloft and they would not do anything for us so we basically paid $34 to have our car vandalized. If you do stay here, DON'T USE THEIR VALET PARKING!!

Juljan Trebicka
May 15, 2022

Overpriced for an “A loft”. We payed 370$ a night, breakfast is not included. The rooms are very cheap and it has a generally cheap ambiance. They charge you 30$ for early check in! For 370$ you can find better hotels in the area with better guest appreciation policies! 👎👎

Aloft Milwaukee Downtown

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1230 N Old World 3rd St, Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA

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