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1756 S 56th St, Milwaukee, WI 53214, USA

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Vince Sheckles
July 16, 2021

My water heater was leaking and Carl’s plumbing was the first contractor to come through my home warranty. I was very nervous at first I looked the reviews but I decided to give them a chance. Carl’s Plumbing was out with a day or two or two and told me addiction to my hot water heater I needed to pay an additional $600 to have a liner put in to be up to code in my chimney. Thank god they did not have the parts or I would have paid the fee right there and then. I then called my home warranty and advised them I would like a second opinion. Oh I had another plumber come out and told me I did not need the liner. They advised me Carl’s Plumbing has a reputation in Southeastern, Wisconsin and be a very unethical crooked plumbing company. Please look at there Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews and Better Business Reviews. Please if your reading this do yourself a favor and go with any other plumber in the area.

Katie Bergman
June 30, 2021

Carl’s Plumbing was sent to us through our Home Warranty. The plumber was a young guy. He decided to try to carry a garbage bag full of water. He spilled all that water all over our kitchen floor and down the basement stairs. The water went through the floor to stain and damage the ceiling tiles of the floor below. Carl’s will not return our phone calls. We have called multiple times and left multiple messages. A manager is never available and never returns the messages that are left. We will be forced to hire an attorney to handle our concerns with Carls Plumbing. We have significant moisture in our kitchen floor which will most likely lead to mold. We DO NOT recommend Carls Plumbing to anyone. We also have to report them to the BBB.

Dori A Panthofer
July 08, 2021

The actual plumbers who did the work and were very nice and quite professional. However, the company itself is shady. Why? Read on... AHS customer beware! Carl's will charge you a $150 disposal fee (something the local Plumbing Inspector said is not normal). If your local trash service offers free bulk pick up, you don't have to pay them, but you do have to haul it to the curb yourself. If your community requires a plumbing permit for hot water heaters (and most do), you can take it out yourself as a Homeowner Applicant and arrange the final yourself at a fraction of what Carl's will charge for the permit fee. Also, Carl's refused to provide their WI Plumber's License Number unless I paid $50, which refused to pay! All AHS contractors MUST provide proof of license and insurance to AHS to be an AHS provider.

Syed Imam
August 05, 2021

This is the worst company I have seen. Their tech came to look at my whirl pool tub. Didnt know what to do. Spent an hour on the call with his office and then without doing any investigating, told me that the air switch was damaged

Kaitlyn Gallinatti
April 20, 2021

Absolutely unprofessional. Service man claimed he replaced my sump pump 6 months ago and now come to find out he lied and never replaced it. I guess I should have been watching him the entire time because now I've been scammed. It stopped working 6 months after he "replaced" it and my basement flooded as a result of the lie. They sent a different service man then the one six months ago and he even agreed both pumps looked too old to be 6 months old. Also, as others have said in their reviews, I requested paperwork on what was done on the service call and they will not provide anything.

Carl’s Plumbing Services Inc

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1756 S 56th St, Milwaukee, WI 53214, USA

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