Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Milwaukee

1840 N 6th St, Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA

About Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Milwaukee

3.3 / 5

from reviews

Just Jaycie
April 03, 2022

Checking in was quick and simple. The room was clean. Throughout our week long stay, the room right next to us was very noisy. The hotel was able to immediately give us a room change! Afterwards we had to extend our stay and booking another night was easy as well. The hotel staff are very attentive and willing to help with whatever! We had a really comfortable stay.

Kristina Giles
May 10, 2022

The lady at the front desk was professional and very helpful. The hotel is located near the police department, courthouse, and safety building, which makes getting to official business easier. They have multiple options with free breakfast. And the room was kept at a comfortable temperature. Overall it's a good hotel.

Emma Stierman
April 29, 2022

I booked this hotel without looking at the reviews and for the low price that I wanted for a one-night stay. Fortunately, I was only here for one night, but unfortunately, I did feel uncomfortable. + The staff was quick to get me checked in and give me my room key as well as tell me how to get there + Parking was incredibly easy to find and there were many parking spaces open - There were many things that were broken, stained, or painted where/when they shouldn't have been, i.e. the part of the TV was broken off, one of the lock mechanisms on the door was not drilled in all the way (making the lock basically useless), the light switch in the bathroom had paint on it, and finally, not only was one of the hand towels stained, but the hook on the back of the door where you could put a robe was also not drilled all the way - The area is obviously not in the greatest place, but if you're looking for a night or two at a hotel that is really affordable, albeit you won't get the fancy amenities some hotels offer, this is a place to go

Eric Polley
December 21, 2021

Upon arrival, I was greeted just like family. The hotel is showing its age a bit, but the renovation shows hope. I appreciate the affordability, as I was on a short business trip. Everything in the room worked great, and the bed and pillows were comfortable. Free breakfast. This place will be my first call when I return to Milwaukee.

Olivia Cerro
March 20, 2022

Do not stay here! This was the dirtiest hotel I have ever been to. Not only was our room not cleaned properly, but it needed major repairs and was unsafe for people to be sleeping in. There was no working deadbolt to the room, no lock on the bedroom door, the couch had stuffing coming out of it and was stained on almost every cushion, both beds were stained yellow in places and one of them had crusty stuff on in, one of the lights had blown out, the heater looked like it hasn't been cleaned in 5 years and had missing parts, the bathroom had no toilet paper holder, the blinds were broken and stained, the microwave had food crusted inside of it, the floor had hardened red liquid on it, the fridge was stained, the door had scratches on it so bad it's like someone tried to break out, there were wires hanging from the wall, there was a random piece of tape on the door frame, a child's dinosaur mask hanging from the wall, the floor wasn't swept, and there was hair stuck to the wall by an unidentified sticky substance. There was not one, but two fire alarms that were hanging off the wall by the wires, and the cable box was as well. Me and my friends were so absolutely disgusted by the place that we were hesitant to even use the toilet, and we went out and bought our own blankets from Walmart because we didn't want to touch the beds, which were dirty and itchy. And as if the conditions weren't atrocious, the horrible service and irresponsibility of the workers there was unacceptable as well! At 12:30 am the fire alarms went off in the hotel. Me and my friends booked it out of our room, during which the alarms stopped and started again, and then stopped. Terrified and not knowing what was happening, we continued on into the lobby, where the lady at the front desk informed us that a child had pulled the alarm and that it was false. While we were in the middle of crying and hyperventilating after believing our hotel was on fire, the lady began making super inappropriate remarks towards us, joking that we were drunk and high (we are very obviously minors), and then left us alone in the lobby with 3 grown men in order to take a smoke break outside the hotel. This is not a safe hotel, this is not a sanitary hotel, this is not a responsible hotel, and this is not a hotel anyone with half a right mind should want to stay at!

Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Milwaukee

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1840 N 6th St, Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA

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