Kim’s Thai Restaurant

938 W Layton Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53221, USA

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3.9 / 5

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    Viv Park
    August 08, 2023

    Service is patchy, so take out is a great option. Kim can be nice when she feels like it, but if often stressed out for whatever reason and very curt with you. I don't think she even realized she is being unprofessional, though. Food used to be superb - so good that I thought it was hands down the best Thai in town. At this last visit, I felt that it was good, but not as good as a few other spots I've been going to lately, including Sweet Basil. Pork Lard - level 7 spicy was not spicy at all. This is a VERY flavorful dish, though, and I've noticed that however hot you ask for, they always tend to come out about the same. It came with rice and cabbage, but the cabbage was cut up quite small, like they just put a handful of their prepped lettuce for stir fry into the dish. It was quite inconvenient to try to make lettuce wraps with these. Pad Kee Mao - level 7 spicy was a good hot. Our Korean trained mouths could handle the heat, but I wouldn't recommend level 7 to newbies. Just right for us though. Shrimp Pad Thai - level 6 - Ordered 2 level 5 spice pad thais and got 1 level 5 and 1 level 6. Though the order was wrong, we decided to be fine with it and thought, how much more spicy could it be? There was a huge difference between the two. Level 5 was pleasant, level 6 was sweat inducing. And the pad Thai was swimming in sauce, which had a nice flavor, but didn't feel like pad Thai. I've had the dish in Thailand. They don't come drenched in sauce like this. Red Curry - forgot what spice level, but it wasn't too spicy, and the curry was delicious! Papaya Salad - a bit more tomato than necessary, but overall nice flavor. ***Just a few things during this visit that made it interesting to say the least. - We were a party of 7 for lunch. When we came in, there was no other customers there. Kim told us we all had to order between 2 dishes of our choice. We weren't sure whether she was kidding, ignored this and went ahead and ordered what we wanted. As she goes into the kitchen with our order, we hear yelling and screaming, and something about taking too long and 2 dishes. Kim comes back out and informs us that the food will take 30 minutes because we ordered so much. But, though the food didn't all come out at the same time, they started coming within 15 minutes, and we all had our food within 20 minutes. - One customer came in while we were placing our order. Kim told her to wait and that it would take about 45 minutes for her to get her food because we were ordering so much food ahead of her. She didn't take her order until about half our dishes came out (the customer seemed fine waiting). - One of our orders was wrong. While ordering one of my friends was pointing to the menu and saying this is what she wanted. Kim refused to look and told my friend, "I know what's in menu. Just tell me." But of course, her order was the wrong one. Friend felt bad and didn't want to return the food, but once Kim realized it was wrong, she took it back and told her she'll get the food she wanted. - while Kim was in the kitchen, I took a few pictures of the interior cuz I thought it was quite unique. She must have seen me in the video cam, and came out yelling from the kitchen and told me to stop taking pictures. I had never been stopped from taking pictures before, and truly confused, asked her why? She looked like she was stuck, and without telling me a reason told me, "just take pictures of your food. Not my store." Well. I had already taken all the pictures I wanted. I am not posting one of the pictures, which is by the cash register. Since the last time I had been there, she had lot more interesting pictures and statues put up. Maybe she felt importable that I was taking a picture of her pictures of gods? In case that's the case, I'm not posting the particular photo. - the other customer got her food well before the 45 minutes, ate and left before we were finished.

    Jake Tiger
    September 17, 2023

    The food is so amazing, I'm getting it every time I'm in town! Contrary to a handful of the bad reviews, she took my boyfriend's allergy very seriously, didn't make my food too spicy, and was kind to us both. I'm tempted to go back tomorrow and get some to take back home to Rockford with me! :) Food pictured is the delicious pad kee mao and even better Kim's fried rice.

    Perry Y
    August 20, 2023

    This place has the honor of getting '0' star from me, which is my first. Big red flag when the restaurant was empty early Saturday evening , owner has zero hospitality, don't feel like we were welcome at all after she unlocked the main entrance. We ordered a cup of Tong Yum Goong....tasted like a cilantro soup. Fried tofu, an OK appetizer. Lard Na....the fat noodles and the shrimp were still cold inside, told the lady and she was somehow offended, insisted to microwave it and tossed it back on the table when she returned. Panang Curry was meh,.. Everything except the fried tofu was not cooked fresh, most likely just get reheated in the microwave. Feel sorry for residents nearby who have no other choice for carry out . I think The Noodles Company, which is at the bottom of my list would taste better than this place. They are expensive compared to some nice restaurants in Chicago. Never again.

    February 04, 2024

    Get to know Kim, and you will love her! She works so hard, is very sweet, and has my order memorized. My favorite is the yellow curry with chicken & squash, but the whole menu is amazing. This is our go-to for take out and definitely our favorite Thai food!

    Ashley McKnight
    August 01, 2023

    Kim is very ornery and could use some lessons on hospitality. Service is miserable at best. Restaurant has a weird odor to it. Food was OK, but they garnish so heavily with cilantro it’s difficult to taste the actual food. Spent half my time dining in just picking off the cilantro. Overall, would not come again, vast improvements on service would need to happen first.

    Kim’s Thai Restaurant

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    938 W Layton Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53221, USA

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