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757 N Broadway #700, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

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    Sajan Sajan
    December 19, 2017

    Very disappointed with my experience with MLG Commercial. A little history on myself. I currently own ~ 20 commercial properties throughout Milwaukee, most of which are multi-tenant buildings. A few months ago I acquired a building in an incredible location, on Mayfair Rd one block away from the mall. Started on some improvements and called MLG to help list the building for lease. I have never worked with MLG previously, but have seen their signs on larger commercial buildings. Figured they are a larger commercial realtor group, and they might be a good fit for this property. I spoke with Tim Janusz, and am shocked at the low level of care he offers. First it took a week to schedule a time for him to come out and take a look at the building. It is a larger commercial building, 3 stories ~ 27,000 sq ft. Day of the meeting he calls and tells me he has an errand to take care of downtown and can no longer make it. I have a very tight schedule. I move things around and find a way to send my property manager to meet him earlier so not to get in the way of Tim's errand, then I would arrive before Tim would leave to discuss the logistics. Tim spends an entire 5 minutes walking through this large building and he is ready to talk to me. He basically tells me to make my lobby look like some other commercial building that he knows of, and that is it. He will not discuss anything further about listing the building for lease until my lobby has LED lights instead of fluorescent lights. I have worked with A LOT of realtors, and have never worked with someone like Tim. In the few months that I have owned the building two developers have approached us to purchase the building for a little more than what we paid, however we did not purchase this building to flip it. In this high traffic sought after location Tim feels unable to lease out this real estate that will be listed for significantly lower than market value. Tim's approach was condescending and inappropriate for a realtor. I am absolutely open to making minor renovations to improve the esthetics of any of my buildings, and wish he would have just sat down with me and made a game plan for how we are going to get this building to the level he feels it will be leased. Instead he chose to be unprofessional and apathetic. Of all the properties I have acquired this is the first time I have heard of Tim Janusz, but apparently he is the senior VP of MLG. Tim comes off as a realtor that is not motivated, has no drive, and priorities his clients at a very low level. The only thing I can reason is at one point in his career he must have been a good realtor, but it is clear to me those days are long gone.

    Randy Keller
    June 26, 2023

    They can't pay a simple $600 Invoice for services rendered. Big Company just telling the little guys I don't feel like paying

    Jeffrey Jakowicz
    February 01, 2018

    Inquired on a property and received very vague information given in a single email. When asked for more info nothing was sent. Multiple attempts to inquire. No responses.

    adam matson
    October 25, 2017

    Cody Ziegler
    March 05, 2022

    NAI MLG Commercial

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    757 N Broadway #700, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

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