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    Becca Basten
    February 08, 2022

    I've rented from Shoreline for a year now and it's been one of the better companies I've rented from in my 6 (non-consecutive) years of living in Milwaukee. Saint Clair manager Leo is nice, communicative and does a good job keeping the building clean. Tenants are respectful, maintenance requests are attended to in a timely manner. Every now and then the elevator goes out, so if you live on one of the top floors it's something to note. Signs are usually posted to communicate that a work order has been placed, and resolved within a day or so. I don't plan on moving anywhere anytime soon.

    James Clark
    August 02, 2022

    My girlfriend rented from Marshall Hall apartments for over 2 years, unit 207. A very small studio apartment for $750 a month (without parking). Old heaters so noisy it keeps her up all night, there’s no fan/vent over the stove. It was the most affordable place downtown at the time. Walking distance to the lake, parks and metro market, so she didn’t need a car. She was offered her first month’s rent free which was really nice. The property manager Juan I cant complain about. There are 2 elevators, one passenger and one large enough for furniture which was very helpful. Always in working condition. Deep cleaned her apartment, they gave her a whole month to move out after she decided to move. They let her stay on month to month for over a year after her lease ended which was really great flexibility when looking for a new place. Took a while to get her security deposit back tho. There was an occasional cockroach but it wasn’t a surprise and probably should be expected to some degree in such an old building. We did recommend her place to friends when she moved out. Very classy front entry I thought was cool.

    Pro MLB fanclub
    December 09, 2022

    Having lived at several shoreline properties my review rating is generous. The St Clair during college was regularly full of roaches, the elevator was typically out of service, the hallways were rarely cleaned if ever. The Van Buren had a massive roach infestation, the cieling above mine crumbled leaving a small hole with a leak, maintenance was slow to repair the hole. The Wayland was in much better condition than the other properties I lived at. The Wayland was usually clean, occasionally saw a roach, no infestation was ever experienced by me at this property, the building manager Kevin was manipulative, dishonest, lied constantly every other sentence. I recommend avoiding him as much as possible. He made up lies about certain residents, spread malicious gossip, so often slander. Most of my neighbors were good people. This company isn't the issue it's a couple of their employees that run this business into a hole in the ground of a reputation. Couple of the women who work at the real estate office are arrogant, gaslight the shyt out of tenants, trash talk residents for needing basic repairs in me and my buddies experiences. Overall don't trust them

    Devin Freed
    August 28, 2022

    We lived in two shoreline apartments over 4 and a half years. Our time in the apartments was totally fine and affordable. Unfortunately, moving out was an absolute nightmare. When giving our notice to end our lease on July 31 one of the office employees informed us new tenants were moving in on August 1st and tried to pressure us to move earlier. After we moved we were charged a $500 cleaning fee “so another tenant could move in on the 1st” despite leaving the unit in good condition. Clearly we paid for their rush clean up job to get a new tenant in ASAP. Both of our building managers were helpful but unfortunately the rudeness from the office workers and overall cheapness make me unable to recommend shoreline when other companies will treat you better. Edit: Unfortunately admitting that they do no usually clean apartments between tenants and acting aggressive and threatening towards tenants makes it clear our experience was not an aberration. Best to avoid Shoreline going forward.

    Morgan Bouldes
    November 08, 2022

    I’ve lived at the Marneau for over a year now. The building is a historical shell with a lot of classic Milwaukee charm to unfold. It sits beautifully centered atop “Yankee Hill”, a neighborhood who’s history is steeped in prominence and rich history. To the left (just across Juneau) is the All Saints Cathedral, whose bells toil 3 times an hour as a living relic and peaceful symbol of the community. Conveniently located two blocks from the local Metro Market, the Marneau offers many conveniences and a few but impactful amenities such as rent under $1000, heat included and in house laundry that Aside from the building itself, those in roles to maintain, upkeep, manage and see over are thoughtful and consistent individuals. Any request I’ve ever made was answered with 98% success and a quick reaction. Maintenance people are trust worthy and capable. The building Manger is kind. Due to the “vintage” nature of the building, some disturbances cannot be avoided such as sound traveling through the hallways. Door slamming, people walking/talking, getting mail etc. The marble floors create a deep echo. However, the initial issues I had concerning the slamming was heard, empathized with and responded too with consideration and speed. The Marneau is first my first residence since moving to MKE and I feel fortunate to call her home.

    Shoreline Real Estate

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    1007 N Cass St, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

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