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February 08, 2022

I've rented from Shoreline for a year now and it's been one of the better companies I've rented from in my 6 (non-consecutive) years of living in Milwaukee. Saint Clair manager Leo is nice, communicative and does a good job keeping the building clean. Tenants are respectful, maintenance requests are attended to in a timely manner. Every now and then the elevator goes out, so if you live on one of the top floors it's something to note. Signs are usually posted to communicate that a work order has been placed, and resolved within a day or so. I don't plan on moving anywhere anytime soon.

Hulua Lopez
May 02, 2022

Awful company that preys on tenants. Miserable office employees think they’re better than you. I’ve lived in 5 shoreline properties - each had MASSIVE ROACH INFESTATIONS!! They are impossible to reason with. They raise their rent to unreasonable prices, the ladies who work at the office are terrible and unprofessional. Sarah in particular is just god awful. Her attitude is awful. If you make one error they will threaten eviction. Seriously - rent from a different company. I wish I never signed a lease with Shoreline.

Ivan Drury
May 12, 2022

They were fine at first. One of their white disgruntled employees was involved in having his friend slash my bike tire. I felt very unsafe. If they don't like you they will make sure you feel unwelcomed/unsafe. When I lived there they had plenty of goons at their disposal to bother tenants they didn't like...I lived here several years...I can provide documents proving that...they don't return your full security deposit... management will do nothing if you have a legitimate complaint...(from my experience). Generally very unprofessional company to work with but some of their employees are okay. However, they do have some sketchy employees to watch out for.

James McGuire
December 15, 2021

If you value space, privacy or good property management move forward with your search. I lived at st claire apts. This is not the place you want to live.

Landon Beadle
January 08, 2022

I rented a 1BR from Shoreline for 7 years—we finally moved after they began getting worse and worse about responsiveness and upkeep. One of the final straws was learning from maintenance staff that our building was being targeted by thieves who would break into the basement to tip over the laundry machines and steal quarters. This had happened multiple times and the landlord and management simply refused to let the tenants know about a legit safety concern. Although I do sometimes miss the steady radiator thumping that made me feel like someone was practicing their hammer game. Avoid if possible!

Shoreline Real Estate

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1007 N Cass St, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

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