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    Cheeks E
    July 19, 2022

    Thank you Jill!! You are one of the few good ones out here. Paying it forward when not forced can make someone’s night especially when you don’t know what is actually going on their life. I really hope you guys give Jill a raise and keep her. She’s kind, pleasant and efficient. Thank you Jill. From the girl with $1.55 for gas ❤️ I will forever come here til Jill doesn’t work here. No other gas stations exist anymore at least to me.

    Tamara Forsythe
    May 26, 2021

    I love this Speedway Location!! The employees make you feel welcomed... They treat each customer with respect and professionalism. If you need help all you have to do is ask and they help. The place is always clean. There are places to park in the parking lot and on the side of the road. Thank you for being the best Speedway Gas Station in the area!!!!!

    Simon Provan
    September 20, 2021

    I used to love this Speedway. Don't get me wrong, the employees are all incredibly friendly and I really appreciate that. I give each of them 5-starrs. Unfortunately, that's about the only good thing at this location. I've noticed over the last few months that this station, after being the cheapest in the area for years, is now almost always $0.5-0.15 more expensive per gallon than the Amoco and Shell just a few blocks west; the "window wash" in the basins literally smell's like someone relieved themselves in them (if charging more on gas, you'd at least expect some clean and soapy window wash); and in general the convenience store is quite dirty. I'll still stop in from time to time just to get a gallon or two if I'm running low, but that's it. I'll fill up completely at another station.

    Todd Hollfelder
    January 27, 2019

    You know, it's extremely difficult to rate a gas station/convenience store because they are all alike in their services and amenities. The only thing that sets one apart from another is the employees. This is my favorite Speedway in Wauwatosa. The team at this location is fun and diverse! They always seem like they're having a good day and have developed a rapport with the regular customers. I'm a semi-regular, only because I have a 24 hour grocery nearby, but I do stop by when I'm in the neighborhood. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I am a smoker and Speedway has the lowest prices around. They also accept the e-coupons my brand sends out. It's taken us all a little time to figure out how the system works but the experience proved to be a comedy of errors. This is a very busy store and it's set up on a very inconvenient lot. Entering and exiting can be very difficult. There is little space to wait for the next available pump and the drive between vehicles parked at the pumps can be treacherous, it's not an unpleasant place to be.

    Britney Daniel
    August 09, 2018

    Hi I’m super curious on how you guys do your hiring at this location because you guys need to re-think it . I was just in there with my mother we stopped to change and use the restroom and buy a soda. We went in the restroom as soon as your employee decided to move for us . We were in there for a little over 3 minuets and all you could hear her say out side the door “I know what you are doing in there “ “you guys are pathetic “ “ I’m not stupid “ . So we come out in our changed clothing even though she saw us going in to change , she’s making coffee and whispering to her self “ pshhh disgusting “ . I looked at her she walked away we came to check out and oh yup more terrible attitude from her . Small chat is rude we ask her what’s wrong and she gets snippy. So we pay and leave as I’m cleaning my car windows she’s running around the store almost slamming her face to the window to watch me like what’s wrong with her honesty I always go to that speedway at night guess not no more since she had to make me feel terrible about me and my mother because she thought what? We were what doing drugs I would know where people all do there drugs because my aunt is DEA so I will not be coming here at all if you guys think your third shift girl is okay . This happened 8-9-2018 at 3:00 a.m she’s blonde older . Ridiculous if you guys think she can run a store by herself she’s off her rocker .


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